Words Matter …

I am more than tired of people, news media, agenda drivers calling firearms weapons. 

A weapon is nothing more than an object used to cause harm to people or damage to property.  A spoon used to hurt someone is a weapon in as much as a firearm used to wound/kill a person is.  A firearm that never been used as a weapon is nothing more than a firearm regardless of how many bullets its magazine can hold.  Just as a spoon cannot arbitrarily make a person obese, and firearm cannot harm a human being without a human being utilizing it as a weapon.

Career politicians urging action against firearms for the sake of action is no more effective than Bloomburg’s banning the sale of soda sizes and its non-existent impact on obesity in NY.

I like to think there used to be a time where root cause analysis and facts mattered.  The sad reality is, that is nothing more than an optimistic pipe dream.  Most people believe what they are told on face value, regardless of how many times that face value fact changes.  Until that changes, people will continue to be used as the tools the system needs to drive its agenda.

I just wish the system wore brown shirts with red arm bands.  At least then there would be truth in their intent and actions.



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