Coming of Age …

For years I have dreaded, borderline, hated Christmas.  Not this one.  Not this year.  In fact this is probably the first Christmas in a very long time I welcome stress and worry free.

For years I was caught up in the hype of why are people trying to take the Christ out of Christmas.  Why is it so insensitive to say Merry Christmas?  The transition to Happy Holidays … to what, ensure no ones feeling were hurt if they didn’t believe in Christ?  Or whatever?

And for what? To participate, to be forced to participate, in a tradition of obligatory gifts in the guise of peace and good will to man?  Which man/women?  And why afford him/her peace only this time of year?

One month out of twelve we cherish relationships hinged on the tiniest of connections, the other eleven we barely acknowledge their existence.  Oh wait.  I forgot about Thanksgiving.  The U.S. holiday where we pretend our ancestors made nice with the indigenous people of what is known as North America instead of acknowledging the forceful takeover their land. 

Sorry … lost track.  Back to Christmas …

I decided, or finally accepted, that this holiday tradition wasn’t about anything more than taking a moment in my busy life to acknowledge those that make me happy,  those who add value, those whose shear acquaintance makes not only mine, but my families life a little fuller, a little better just for knowing them.

The best part.  I don’t feel obligated or guilted into buying a trivial gift to show my appreciation, my thanks.  The personal connection we share, regardless of “holiday” means more to me than words on a page, or a commercialized gift could ever express.

With that thought Happy Days! I hope you treat everyone as you do this “holiday season” all year long.  I know I will.


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