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Day 181 366

The last political hit piece of a book I read had me in stitches. Not so much because of the questionable truths laid out, but the shear volume of unchecked hyperbole. I expect nothing less from this one as well, and yet expect nothing from it all the same. It will be fun dissecting who…

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Day 43 366

American politics are humorous. The candidate people want rarely align with the machine. This primary I decided to register with a party to play in their sandbox. I decided I’ll back someone who can do more burpee’s than me, and the rest on the list combined. It doesn’t matter, I live in a flyover state.…

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Voting for sandwiches

Its once again that glorious past time where knowledgable and patriotic Americans line up in droves to decide the winning bobble-head for our countries mid-term elections. I know. I sound a little sarcastic. I probably am. But here’s the deal. Politics are like sandwiches. On the outside, everyone looks pretty much the same. On the…

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