Tag: 2020

Day 199 366

Listening to: Ryno.cc, http://stream.ryno.cc/ooDrinking: Wild Turkey 101 with ice and splash of water Interesting day today. One of my technical contacts: East CoastOne of my client mgt. contacts: IrelandCustomer: West CoastBrains behind the operation: Mountain time Had to wake up Ireland, to get information about West Coast so flyover (me) could chat up solutions with…

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Day 195 366

Cleaning out the home office, I found this relic license file delivery mechanism. Its been repurposed as my coffee cup coaster for quite a while. Glad I found it again. I enjoy digging through my technology history.

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Day 193 366

Finally done working. First beer going fast. Dropping an observation as I finished updating my EU counterparts. Europeans’ out of offices are like “I will not be working until 18 September. All emails will be automatically deleted.” Americans: “I am in the hospital. Email responses may be delayed by up to 30 mins. Sorry for…

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