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Week in Review: July 26, 2013

Anthony Weiner I was listening to Slate’s Political Gabfest podcast during this mornings commute.  While everyone was agreeing that they disliked talking about it and giving it any attention Emily Bazelon made a comment that caught my attention.  In her asking why he should be elected as NY mayor, she commented on Weiner’s lack of…

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Twenty Four

Goal was eighteen, bested by six.  I said, “We should be consultants for commercials.” She said, “That’s called marketing.”My stomach hurts now.  Woke up to bag pipes, poorly played trumpet(s) and Opera.  Success. Discovered Black Violin . Nice twist. 2,000 miles in five days. Mickey Rats, Sahlens, the best god damn hot dogs ever! GMO inseminated fields…

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Cowardice Speeders

Firstly, I know its cliche to complain about how poor Utah drivers are.  Fortunately/unfortunately my limit on chicken shit Utah speeders was reached this week and its my turn to vent. Its rare that a Monday morning commute raises my ire, but somehow this one was special.  I was comfortably settled into This American Life…

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