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The sad reality of narcissism is most can be laughing 65% more of the time if only they saw the genius as I do.  Fortunately John Grant captures this thought more eloquently than I.

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Twenty Four

Goal was eighteen, bested by six.  I said, “We should be consultants for commercials.” She said, “That’s called marketing.”My stomach hurts now.  Woke up to bag pipes, poorly played trumpet(s) and Opera.  Success. Discovered Black Violin . Nice twist. 2,000 miles in five days. Mickey Rats, Sahlens, the best god damn hot dogs ever! GMO inseminated fields…

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Follow Your Arrow

From the album “Same Trailer Different Park”, Kacey Musgraves, comes out swinging with challenging lyrics, sweet melodies that seemingly must challenge the stereotypical country music conservative crowd.  Admittedly I’m not generally known for my country music appreciation, save for the elder statesman’s like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and the like.  This fresh of breath air…

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