23 hours later, still in FB jail

Yesterday I posted some skin on this site and shared that content in the form of a link manually to my FB. The skin appears to be female. While I acknowledge that there are some 70+ genders recognized these days, for simplicity, I referenced only 1 of the 2 that I have intimate knowledge of. Said skin appears that of a voluptuous female. To be clear, my vague descriptions are due to the absence of any nipple, areole, or cleavage in the picture posted. Nothing sexual, much less sensual … and no where even close to pornographic. I did not post this picture directly on FB, just the link from my web site, not a FB property. Not a FB owned domain. A domain I own. I know I willingly entered into this post wondering if the FB would notice or take an action. However the speed of which they responded, in a word, impressive. I think I had the option to remove the post and then spend some time a Mao inspired re-education FB camp, or decline and forced into a 24 hour FB jail period. Me being me, definitely the latter. 23 hours later, I decided to play with the FB system. What happens if I try to click on an “Like”?
Then I thought, lets check out this ‘let us know’ link.
All I did was ask a question.
If they had said, “shut up slave”, that would have impressed me. This faux system error. Fucking intentional. Some passive aggressive SJW coded this jem. I want to shake this assholes hand. Seriously.
While I acknowledge its their site, their rules, their gamification of their revenue stream. It tickles my pickle they let ANTIFA/MAGA types yell at each other and threaten violence in their respective camps yet lose their shit over what may or may not be a female breast in a picture thats a lot more interesting than anything todays news media ramblings.

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