Goofballs, $24/mile, Soma and present day Ingsoc

Three topics, reverse order, go!

1. Soma and Ingsoc

In the presence of friends I rarely worry about what comes out of my mouth. It is during those times I can publicly be honest with my thought and speak outside the caverns of my mind and not worry about what they think of me. They may think ill, good, challenge me or ignore me. I appreciate the unadulterated freedom nonetheless. They are my friends and accept me, my quirks and all. I have wanted to think this freedom carried on to my extended friend zone that Facebook provides. However, realistically, I know it does not.

Over the weekend a friend made the decision to abandon Facebook. Whilst I do not disagree with their decision, it does sadden me that their action confirms my strained contradictory belief that FB friends are in that safe inner circle. I know not all are. I do not trim the list and just assume everyone is along for the same ride. I think that should be a sub-definition of either naiveté or give a damn is lost. 

Either way pass me my soma so I can relish in the ingsoc.

2. Five miles per hour over = $24 a mile. You’re welcome Woods Cross. Lunch is on me. Assholes.

35190N SAP 10-50/2000 U/NIT =  

1. Amphetamine 
2. Cocaine 
3. Marijuana 
4. Opiates 
5. PCP 
6. Methamphetamine 
7. Barbiturates 
8. Benzodiazepines 
9. Methadone 
10. Propoxyphene 

All good until #7. WTF is #7? Quick google tells me it is a) goofballs, administered to the troops by the government and b) the end run that did in Marilyn Manroe after trying to play the mob and Sinatra against two Kennedy’s.

Seriously? They still test for this shit? 

So fucking 1950’s.

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